Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on November 8

1. Leo November 8 is going to make an opportunist out of you, whether you want that or not.

Leo You'll push them out of the way so that if kudos are coming, they land on your head, not theirs.

Leo Moon opposite Neptune has you vying for attention in any form you can get it.

2. Libra You don't like playing the sensitivity card, but there are just certain days when you cannot accept what's going on and 'sitting it out' isn't in your cards.

Libra You may find that you're throwing little hissy fits here and there to show your displeasure over how people are treating you.

Libra You decide that everyone is against you and that, poor, you have to deal with it all.

3. Pisces What makes this a rough day for you isn't so much about feeling sorry for yourself or self-pity of any kind.

Pisces You have worked so hard, and it seems that nobody notices your worth. This kind of disrespect makes you rethink your situation.