Weekly Horoscope For All 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

Rat Rat, the energy this week is a mixed bag for you. The beginning of the week will be pleasant and fulfilling.

Ox Some of you will directly benefit from finding a therapist or joining a group therapy session to understand the emotional undercurrents that affect you.

Tiger Tiger, you are being urged to pay attention to how your peers and family affect your finances at this time.

Rabbit Rabbit, a week full of rest and relaxation is in store for you. So lean into those self-care activities and give yourself a glow-up.

Dragon Dragon, the energy this week is here to open your heart wide and bless you with something potent.

Snake Snake, your patience will be tested this week, but you have more than enough strength within you to pass this secret challenge with flying colors.

Horse Horse, if you have been itching to get started on something new or embark on a new adventure, the energy this week is perfect for that.

Goat You will benefit more from leaning into your relationship goals or spending quality time with your loved ones than by focusing on productivity.