The Happy Healthy Pet Guide

Feeding your pet a nutritionally-complete, balanced diet – and feeding him the appropriate portions of that diet – is one of the biggest keys to ensure a lifetime of good health.

Experiment with natural treats such as fresh veggies like carrots and celery. For a special treat, share an egg, chickpeas or plain yogurt to pack a punch of valuable vitamins into snack time.

Not only does regular exercise make for a strong, healthy pet, but it also helps prevent obesity – one of the most devastating preventable conditions.

While your pet may like fries and chips, excessive amounts of salt can lead to results.

Protecting pets’ pearly whites means more than banishing bad breath. Dental disease doesn’t just affect the mouth; kidney, heart and liver disease have all been linked to bacteria entering the bloodstream from a dental infection.

No matter how much you plan for your pet’s health, you can never really predict it, so getting a pet insurance policy for accidents and illnesses can help cover the cost of unexpected veterinary treatments.

Protecting your pet with a health insurance policy takes the financial burden of vet bills off of your shoulders.

so you can make decisions about your pet’s medical care based on what’s best for him – not on cost. believes pet insurance is important for all furry friends.