Love Horoscope For November 9

Aries What do you get when you combine the Moon with Venus? A union of souls. Single or in a relationship?

Taurus This desire gets punctuated when the Moon touches Venus in Libra. You become drawn to partnership but also care and kindness.

Gemini You get a chance to embrace all the good stuff life has to offer and to do so with a love that rivals what you see in romantic films.

Cancer Today, you're a source of comfort to others, and you give an air of home to the people in your life.

Leo There's a soft side to you that you don't often show, but not today. You are a big old teddy who is a source of comfort when it comes to love.

Virgo Today, a powerful relationship can form during the Moon's conjunction with Venus today.

Libra Something good can happen in your life today, and you feel the purpose of a romantic relationship on a personal level.

Scorpio Not all relationships are meant to last, but you do learn a lesson that prepares you for the one that is.