Love Horoscope For November 6

Aries: Today, while the Moon is in Leo, remember that romance is a balancing act.

Taurus: There's maybe a little bit of work needed to mend a problem in your romantic life.

Gemini: You get to allow your partner to be heard, and you discover things that you need to know.

Cancer: Communicate the terms that work for your relationship, but also note sometimes, when you loan something to a person

Leo: If you want to do your hair or treat yourself to a homemade spa day, this is the time to do it.

Virgo: The future is bright even if your heart needs to heal today. You'll be stronger tomorrow. Promise.

Libra: You can never go back to the innocence of pure friendship once you've crossed the threshold of lovers.

Scorpio: You'll need to work together as partners and align your goals and dreams.