Horoscopes Bring A Setback To 3 Zodiac Signs

1. Leo While there's nothing wrong with showing off, especially if you have something to show off, you're going to be doing it at the wrong moment

Leo You'll push them out of the way so that if kudos are coming, they land on your head, not theirs.

Leo You want everyone to think you are special, and if they dare to pay attention to someone other than you, you wallow in self-pity and righteous indignation.

2. Libra You'd like people to think that you are that one person who walks away from drama unscathed, above it all

Libra Nobody treats you any differently, but that's not going to stop you from rewriting the narrative.

3. Pisces What makes this a rough day for you isn't so much about feeling sorry for yourself or self-pity of any kind.

Pisces You have worked so hard, and it seems that nobody notices your worth.

Pisces You want to avoid making it all about you, but it's hard to do during the Moon opposite Neptune.