Horoscopes Are A Little Rough For 3 Zodiac Signs

1. Aries Has anyone ever told you, Aries, that you overthink? You know it's true, but in your case, you find that thinking is how you cope

Aries On November 6, 2023, you will do a little more thinking, and during the transit of Moon opposite Saturn

Aries Moon opposite Saturn has you feeling as though nothing you say or do works, and that's mainly because you want to influence others into seeing things your way.

2. Libra You feel lonely today, and the last thing you'd ever like to admit is that you feel this way.

Libra This is because you have found out something about yourself: you're vulnerable, in spite of trying to come across as a block of impenetrable ice.

Libra During Moon opposite Saturn, you know deep inside that you are not ready to be touched.

3. Capricorn Loneliness is the last thing you want to feel today, especially because this is one of your secrets; you always feel lonely.

Capricorn Now, being lonely is human; we all feel this way now and then. However, during Moon opposite Saturn, you own the feeling ... and it hurts.