Horoscope For November 7, 2023 — Sun Trine Moon

Aries The Moon is speaking sweetly with growth-oriented Jupiter helping you to have an abundance of energy.

Taurus A spiritual practice is a good thing to start today. If you enjoy being in nature, practice mindfulness.

Gemini It's time to do a bit of last-minute spring cleaning. In with the new and out with the old is the motto of today's Jupiter transit.

Cancer If you're signing a contract or have plans to do something business-related that needs to be done right

Leo Even if you don't work for yourself as an entrepreneur, you are your own business.

Virgo Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and you're in class daily, Virgo. You're enrolled in the forever school of life.

Libra When the Moon is in your sector of enemies and speaking to Jupiter in your shared resource sector

Scorpio You may find that you already know someone who has the ability to help you do a business transaction.