Healthy Energy Drinks

Most energy drinks pack a serious caffeine punch. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. It gives you energy and makes you more alert.

Energy drinks can be appealing to children and teens because they are available at local stores and are legal for all ages.

Usually there are other stimulants besides caffeine in energy drinks. Additives such as guarana and ginseng are common. These can amplify the drink’s energy boost and also the adverse effects of caffeine.

the Food and Drug Administration banned the sale of energy drinks that contain alcohol. It declared them to be unsafe.

The UC Davis info sheet lists several ingredients that may not be familiar to you. Many of these ingredients are new to commercial products

so not much research has been done on them. Despite claims made by producers, their effects are unknown.

shows how mixing alcohol and energy drinks can lead to drinking too much alcohol. Energy drinks keep people awake longer.

This can increase the amount of alcohol people drink. High alcohol consumption is linked to sexual assault, driving under the influence, and other risky behaviors.