Build Confidence In Your Dog

Improved health

Confident dogs see reductions in stress and anxiety, which contributes to improved physical and mental health.

Reduced behavioral issues

Separation anxiety, chewing and other destructive behaviors are less likely to occur if a dog is comfortable in its environment.

Easier to handle

As an owner, it is far easier to take your dog for a walk or out in public if they are confident and relaxed at the end of the leash.

Increased safety

A confident pup may be less likely to react to situations by putting themselves in dangerous or risky situations.

Better quality of life

Building confidence in your dog will contribute to a higher quality of life for your dog and your family.

Every dog is different, and their genetics and life experiences will contribute to their level of confidence.

Some dogs may be particularly shy or timid, and need more work to build up their confidence.

However, here are some general principles and ideas you can implement.