Best Dumbbell Exercises of All Time

Dumbbell gorilla row Cavaliere adds that you can perform plyometric version of this exercise if you want your workout to be more athletically focused.

Static dumbbell bench press: it gives you a little added extra benefit, without compromising the intent of building a bigger chest.

Dumbbell reverse lunge: An upright position targets the quads, while tilting the torso forward moves that to the glutes and hamstrings.

Clean up and over: Cavaliere recommends paying special attention to three points along the kinetic chain movement: the floor, and each of your shoulders.

Farmer's carry: Developing mental toughness here, he believes, will help you in all other aspects of your workouts.

Pullover: You can incorporate this dumbbell move into a number of your workouts, regardless of whether you're training chest or back

Dumbbell step up: An ideal exercise for building functional, everyday fitness, Cavaliere explains that you can perform the step up to target different areas.

High pull: That will also bring in some external rotation of the shoulder, activate that rotator cuff.