All About Scottish Fold Cats

There may have been cats with folded ears since the dawn of time, and there are certainly reports of such animals in Asia from the 18th century. But the story of the Scottish Fold all begins with a cat called Susie…

As you may or may not know, there would be no Scottish Fold cats if it weren’t for the original Scottish Fold.

A humble longhaired barn cat who lived in Perthshire, Scotland. Susie and her charmingly unusual ears were unearthed in 1961 and it wasn’t long before a nearby cat fancier was made aware of her existence.

you can imagine him sprinting over to the farm and falling in love with her folded ears, aware that he was looking at history in the making.

That man’s name was William Ross, and he was ready and waiting when Susie gave birth to two kittens.

with the help of a geneticist, began to actively try to produce more Scottish Fold cats. The pair were successful and the Scottish Fold went from strength to strength.

Being exported to America the following decade and bred with British and American Shorthairs. While the breed - briefly called the lop-eared.

it has also proved controversial, and even been banned in some countries other than the States.