8 Zodiac Placements That Have The Hardest Time Finding Love

1. Leo Rising For a Leo rising, many of these lessons center around control in a relationship, focusing on appearances rather than substance within a partner

2. Cancer Rising You are the caretaker and nurturer of the zodiac, but that often means you can lack boundaries in relationships.

3. Saturn in the 7th house To have Saturn in this house means that you will go through more lessons than others when it comes to love.

4. Saturn square Venus This is one of the most challenging astrological aspects of all because it places high importance on happiness and love.

5. Saturn opposite Venus A big part of the lesson of this aspect is being honest with yourself and allowing vulnerability to exist within your love life.

6. Venus in Virgo Virgo is an earth sign, one that is represented by the earth goddess and is known as a very fertile sign that represents healing.

7. Venus in Gemini This placement is tricky, as it does not represent a challenge in finding love, but only in being faithful in love.

8. Venus in Sagittarius The myth of Sagittarius is that this is the sign that often has a hard time committing, which is not true.