8 Ways Cats Show Their Love

The beautiful Birman comes from Burma, now Myanmar, where they were kept as temple cats.

Everyone knows that dogs love having their bellies scratched by their family members or the postman who brings them their favorite treats.

Cats stare and have an uncanny ability to do so without blinking for long periods. Their attention can be both flattering and a little concerning.

Another obvious way that cats show their affection is by marking items, people, and other animals with their scent.

Not all kitty affection makes much sense to us humans. Their idea of “gifts,” for example, usually ends up being the freshly dead remains of a mouse

Many people think that cats don’t care when you come back from work. However, many feline friends will greet their owners at the door when they get back from a day out or even just a walk with the dog.

Kittens learn to knead their mothers to get milk, and the habit stays with them as they grow as a way to show their contentment.

Cat lover or not, you’re probably familiar with how often cats groom themselves. Grooming their fellow cat housemates and you is their way of bonding with their family members.