8 Spiritual & Psychic Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

1. You sneeze randomly. According to many Asian cultures, one sneeze means someone is thinking positive thoughts about you.

2. You feel a burning sensation in your ears. Often, your body reacts to things without you having any conscious idea of why.

3. You get random hiccups. A Russian superstition claims that a random hiccup attack means that someone is thinking about you.

4. You feel your left or right eye twitching. There are many superstitions and cultural meanings of eye twitching around the world

5. You have the sensation that someone is touching you. However, there’s no need to be scared — this might be a spiritual sign that someone is thinking about you.

6. You dream about someone. Dream meanings vary based on the content of the dream and what’s going on in your own personal life.

7. You have random mood swings. There are many possible medical causes behind mood swings, but sometimes, they simply can’t be explained.

8. You randomly choke on your food while eating. If you start to feel your throat closing up while you’re eating or even literally start choking, it may mean someone is thinking about you.