8 Rice Bowl Recipes

You can make poke at home in just three steps: Marinate the fish, prep the veggies and put it all together!

Rice bowls are the perfect way to combine all of your meal prep ingredients into one tasty lunch recipe.

Korean red pepper paste kicks up the heat on this time-saving slow cooker recipe. Bonus: It's also under 500 calories!

Roast tofu with soy sauce, dark brown sugar and chili garlic sauce for an irresistible sweet-salty flavor.

Use rice or farro in this healthy, delicious lunch that you can make in advance.

Sweet-spicy gochujang gives fried rice an instant flavor boost.

Couscous is rice's lighter, fluffier cousin that pairs perfectly with oregano chicken, but you can also use brown rice instead.

You only need five ingredients for a flavorful stew that is the perfect partner for cooked white rice.