8 Phases Of The Moon & How They Can Affect Your Mind And Body

1. Pray that you clearly see your path and life purpose. In your natal chart the North Node can Indicate what you came to master in this life, or your highest calling.

2. Pray that you clear all your karmic debts with ease and grace. Your Karma, or the spiritual baggage you came to release is often thought to be in your 12th house.

3. Pray that you see what you need to thrive. Looking at where your moon is placed in your natal chart can indicate what you need in order to emotionally and spiritually thrive.

4. Pray for clarity on how you move through life in the awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.

5. Pray that you have boundless life force energy to live in alignment with your truth.

6. Pray that others see your truth. Your Rising sign shows us how others see you.

7. Pray that you are healed on the deepest level. Chiron in your natal chart can indicate where you most need healing.

8. Pray that your ancestors have been healed and future generations are healed.