7 Friendliest Cat Breeds for Kids

The Ragdoll Ragdolls are large, laid-back, semi long haired cats with captivating blue eyes. It belongs to pointed cat breed. Ragdoll cat one of the largest cat breeds in the cat fancy.

The British Shorthair The British Shorthair is the pedigreed rendition of the conventional British domestic feline, with a uniquely stout body, thick cover and wide face.

Bengal Cats The Bengal is a hybrid breed of domestic cat with dense and amazingly delicate coated skin.

Birman Cats The Birman is a, color pointed, magical, long-haired feline recognized by a luxurious silky layer, profound soulful blue eyes and differentiating white “gloves” on each one paw.

The Maine Coon The Maine Coon cat is the largest domesticated breed of cat with long hair.

The Persian The Persian is a vast to medium-sized feline, with a decently adjusted body and a sweet outflow all over. The breed was initially settled with a short Muzzle.

Norwegian Forest Cat Norwegian Forest Cat is a vast, semi-long haired feline whose tough appearance fits its name. Despite the strong veneer, this breed is all that much a homebody that enjoys the company of human

Cornish Rex The Cornish Rex is a study in bends, with bend  profile, curly cover, expansive expressive ears, and curved body.