8 Easy Potluck Ideas to Feed a Whole Crowd

Cook a big batch of savory pulled pork infused with applesauce and cider for a potluck dish everyone will love.

This dish full of jammy roasted vegetables and warm ricotta is almost too pretty to eat.

If you signed up to bring dessert to the potluck, this dish is what you should make. These delicious, gooey sliders made with Hawaiian buns.

This extra-large crunchy salad loaded with mozzarella pearls adds some fresh flavor to the table. It's also suitable for any vegetarian guests at the potluck.

This gorgeous skillet cake made with fresh figs, cornmeal and a layer of crunchy sugar is guaranteed to be a hit at any potluck.

The secret to these savory, saucy meatballs is a little bit of cinnamon and orange zest. Put some toothpicks in to serve these as appetizers.

This dish made with potatoes, ground lamb or beef, and plenty of veggies is basically the definition of cozy.

It doesn't really get better than this crispy, cheesy, garlicky bread. The butter is mixed with garlic, lemon zest, and Dijon mustard for an extra flavor boost.