8 DIY Cat Bed Plans

If you’re new to sewing, this cat bed is a great project to start. It doesn’t have to be precise, and you can use old dressing gowns and other fabrics to create a comfortable and upcycled cat bed.

This round bed has a little stuffing in the bottom and extra stuffing in the side cushions. The bolster pillow works really well, giving your feline friend somewhere to rest their head.

With this ridiculously easy no-sew cat bed, you only need to know a single basic stitch to make a comfortable bed that will support your cat while providing them a comfortable place to sleep.

The TV tray gets a brand-new lease of life with this project. Turn it upside down, secure the legs, and add a scratch post on one outside edge and a cushion on the inside of the tray. You can also hang a few toys.

If a cat refuses to use the litter box, this could also indicate painful urination. Urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and kidney disease are common causes of a cat changing its litter habits.

Gastrointestinal infections, food sensitivities, stress and anxiety, and irritable bowel syndrome are just a few of the many possible causes of diarrhea in a cat. If your cat is suffering diarrhea.

Take a cardboard box, reinforce it, and add a decorative layer to the outside, and you’ve got an attractive and functional cat bed for your favorite kitty. There’s no sewing involved in this design because you glue the fabric to the box.

Recycled cardboard is surprisingly tough and agile. In this case, it is used to make a cat igloo. The cardboard acts as insulation too, so your cat will be warm in there, no matter how cool the room is.