8 Best Vegan Recipes

Smooth peanut butter creates a swoon-worthy, creamy sauce. Pass the chili crisp at the table if you like a little extra spice.

Get double the plant-based protein with shelled edamame and silken tofu (the best kind for soaking up all that savory broth).

Grilling season doesn't have to be all burgers and dogs. Throw some peppers and scallions on the fire to add smoky flavor to this potluck-ready salad.

The starches released from cooking arborio rice provide plenty of creaminess — zero cream needed!

Employ the power of not one, but two citruses for a seriously flavor-loaded (and dairy-free) side.

Full of bright, punchy herbs like basil and parsley, this makes a mean dip for veggies or sliced baguette.

This bright, herb-infused upgrade to the three bean salad is meant to be a side, but certainly has enough protein (about 9 grams per serving!) to become your main.

The secret to extra-crunchy tofu? Drain it, dry it and dredge in cornstarch, which ensures a crisp coating.