7 Signs You Have Unhealthy Boundaries

1. You adjust your life to suit a man’s schedule
. Adjusting one's life to accommodate someone else's schedule can be a common behavior in relationships, and it's not exclusive to any particular zodiac sign.

2. You give in to anything that is not aligned with your values
. It's healthy to have boundaries and to communicate those boundaries clearly in a relationship.

3. You settle for less than you know you really need or desire
. Settling for less than what you truly need or desire in a relationship can lead to long-term dissatisfaction and frustration.

4. You stay in a relationship that you know is past its deadline
. Continually staying in a relationship that has run its course can lead to increased frustration, resentment, and a lack of personal fulfillment.

5. You smother the person you're dating with excessive needs or control
. Smothering a partner with excessive needs or control can be detrimental to a relationship.

6. You go back to a relationship that you know is over
. Returning to a relationship that you know is over can be a complex and emotionally challenging decision.

People may consider going back to a relationship for various reasons, such as familiarity, fear of loneliness, or a belief that things can change.

7. You enter a relationship to avoid being alone

. Entering a relationship primarily to avoid being alone can be a common motivation, but it may not lead to a healthy and fulfilling connection.