7 Reasons Guy Can Reject You Even When He Likes You

Sometimes, a guy might really like you but isn’t prepared for a serious relationship. It’s like having a fabulous cake in front of you, but you’re on a diet.

Even if he’s into you, he might notice things that don’t sit right. Like warning signs in a movie, he might see behavior or attitudes that worry him.

Fear of the unknown can be a real buzzkill. He might genuinely like you but fear that things won’t work in the long run.

Sometimes, a guy might be going through his own stuff. It’s like carrying a heavy backpack full of personal issues.

Even if he likes you, he might have different life goals or priorities. It’s like wanting to travel while someone else prefers to stay put.

If there are misunderstandings or communication problems, it can create a barrier, even if he genuinely likes you.

Sometimes, a guy might be unsure about his own feelings. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces.

Just like catching the wrong bus, timing is crucial in relationships. He might genuinely like you, but if the timing isn’t right for either of you.