7 Natural Sources of Taurine for Dogs

Fish are one of the best taurine sources for dogs because they tend to be higher in taurine than other meats and they are lean meats that are packed with nutrients and omega fatty acids.

Shellfish is a great taurine source for dogs because it is not just rich in taurine, but also tends to be a novel protein for many dogs.

Taurine content in eggs is controversial as different studies have found varying levels of taurine that seem to be related to the hen’s diet and supplementation.

Poultry meats like chicken, turkey, and duck are all high in taurine. Dark meat is higher in taurine than white meat, so thighs and drumsticks are better sources of taurine than breasts and wings.

Red meat proteins are also good sources of taurine, including beef, lamb, and pork. These tend to be higher in calories and unhealthy fats than poultry and fish, though, so they should be properly portioned and fed in moderation.

Organ meat is the nutrient-dense tissue that comprises various organs throughout the body. The best organ meat taurine sources are heart and liver, with chicken liver beating beef liver by around 40mg for every 100g of meat.

Goat’s milk is lower in taurine than the other protein sources discussed here, but it does contain some and tends to be easier for dogs to digest than cow’s milk. However, goat’s milk is high in calories and fat.

so it should be fed in moderation. It is packed with probiotics and is often considered to be a food that helps support digestive health, although some dogs may experience stomach upset with goat’s milk.