7 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

Peterbald: These kitties come in various colors with little or no hair, have a  slim yet muscular physique, large almond shaped eyes, a whip-like long  tail and oval shaped paws with webbed feet.

Sphynx: This breed comes with a muscular build, wedge shaped head, striking  cheekbones, large ears and eyes, a round belly & a whip-like tail.

Scottish Fold:  Scottish folds come with long or short fur in different colors and markings.

British Short Hair: It looks like a teddy bear owing to its round face and thick fur coat.

Siberian Forest Cat: It has a stout physique with strong hind legs and round  paws. Its hind-legs are slightly longer than the front limbs and this  creates an arch on their back.

Singapura Cats: The fur is short and silky. It comes only in one color and the coat’s pattern is called the ticked tabby. 

Turkish Angora: urkish Angoras are thought to be white cats. However they come in a variety of colors and markings.