7 Interesting Facts About Snowshoe Cats

These kittens had white feet and points, and Hinds-Daugherty was obsessed with the beautiful accidents. Though she tried producing the same type of cat by breeding Siamese cats with bicolor American Shorthairs

The range of Snowshoe cat colors is immense: cinnamon; fawn; chocolate; blue; cream; you name it. But, although a Snowshoe may be.

Cats aren’t typically famous for liking water, as you’ll know if you’ve ever accidentally flicked some on your cat’s head while washing your hands. Snowshoe cats are the opposite.

Snowshoes are vocal pets who love to tell everyone what they think of the world. They may not be as loud as Siamese cats, but they can meow for their dinner and wouldn’t necessarily.

There are a few guarantees you’ll get with a Snowshoe, one of which is that their eyes will be the most beautiful ocean-blue color.

This is just one of the many beautiful Snowshoe cat characteristics you’ll come to love: however old it is.

wherever it’s from, the cat will look up at you with big blue irises. In the world of cats, blue eyes are relatively unusual.

Even among intelligent cats, the Snowshoe is one clever kitty. It has brains galore and the ability to learn commands, rather like a dog.