7 Indications to Move On and Leave Him Alone

Sometimes, when a guy is unsure about his feelings, it shows in his actions. You might notice he’s a bit distant or seems confused when talking about the relationship.

When someone consistently ignores your calls and texts, it could mean they’re trying to create some distance.

If he suddenly starts prioritizing his friends over spending time with you, it might be a sign.

We’re all busy at times, but if he’s constantly using “being busy” as a reason not to spend time together, it might mean something deeper.

If he avoids talking about the future or important relationship topics and feels uncomfortable, it could mean he’s not prepared or interested in a serious commitment.

In a relationship, it’s really important to solve problems. If he keeps avoiding dealing with issues or doesn’t seem very interested in fixing things.

When someone becomes emotionally distant, it can be a clear sign that they’re pulling away. If he’s noticeably detached, not sharing his thoughts or feelings.

If he shows little interest in your life, doesn’t ask about your day or seems disengaged when you talk about your interests or aspirations.