7 Gut-Deep Ways To Let Your Intuition Guide You

1. Take the pressure off When you want to use your intuition, start with low pressure situations. A super emotional situation is not a good place to start.

2. Be aware of the four clairs There are those who just know, which is called claircognizance.

Be aware of the four clairs Sometimes more than one is present and it’s rare to have all four on an equal basis, but it is possible.

3. Do trust exercises Now, let’s talk about the trust-building exercise I mentioned earlier. I’m a huge fan of starting with something simple.

4. Try a more advanced method In case you’ve already been using your intuition on a regular basis, and guessing the time or easiest driving routes has become too elementary.

5. Be consistent If you are serious about honing your inner wisdom and learning to rely on your intuition, these two methods will be of tremendous help.

6. Trust your gut's 500 million neurons If you have a strong feeling in your gut about a particular situation – pay attention!

7. Be playful about the process I know from practice it’s a lot easier to develop your intuition now than it’s ever been in the past.