7 Geeky Reasons To Fall In Love With A Gamer

1. Gamers are super smart. A study found that playing video games actually boosts certain regions in your brain.

2. They're good with their hands. Your mom wanted you to marry a doctor ... but we're telling you to nab yourself a gamer.

3. They are low maintenance daters. Domino's Pizza jokes aside, as much as gaming enthusiasts enjoy going out on a date, they will have no qualms with staying in.

4. Video gamers are expert problem-solvers. They'll find ways to make you smile or put a fight between you to rest.

5. They are totally tech-savvy. The beauty of the Xbox One, for instance, is that it's not just a gaming console — it plays movies, music, and TV shows and connects you to your favorite apps

6. They're resourceful and prepared for just about anything. Whether it's avoiding the undead during a zombie apocalypse, sniper-shooting on the virtually recreated battlefields of Normandy

a gamer always has a strategy (unless they are aimlessly trolling other live gamers — then, they're just being a jerk).

7. Gamers are thoughtful and can take charge in the relationship. And the biggest thing is, he will genuinely strive to make you happy. Isn't that what matters most?