6 Ways to Make Traveling Without Your Pet Easier

If the thought of traveling without your dog or cat makes you feel bad, remember that not all destinations and experiences are appropriate for our companion animals.

When planning your next trip, ask yourself if your furry friend would have fun if they tagged along.

Don't wait till the last minute to plan for a trip without your pet! Call your pet sitter as soon as you’ve finalized your travel plans to ensure that your pet will receive the best care while you’re away.

If you don’t have a trusted sitter yet, start looking for one a few months before your trip. This gives you enough time to explore your options and to set up a couple of meetings.

It’s important that your cat or dog meets and becomes comfortable with their new caretaker before you leave.

Pet sitting is especially recommended over traditional boarding kennels for pets with anxiety, as they get to stay in the environment.

If you’re unable to find a pet sitter, home boarding is a good option too.

Make sure your pet has enough food and supplies to last them while you’re away. While your sitter probably won’t mind running to the store to pick up some items.