6 Reasons Why Two Cats Living In The Same Household Fight

Not Enough Opportunities Provided For Socialization To a Kitten: For a cat to be ideally socialized it should be  provided with opportunities to meet other felines when it is between two  to fourteen weeks old.

Raging Hormones: Aggression in male cats is often noticed especially between two to four  years of age when a cat attains social maturity and contends to win a  mate.

Envy: A new cat’s entry into your heart and household is a reason big enough for the existing pet cat/s to feel insecure.

Guarding One’s Territory: For some cats acting territorial is second nature to them. In a single  cat household, the pet may turn very protective of its owner and home as  it begins to regard both as its own/territory.

A Noisy Home Can Affect the Kitty Emotionally: Cats can easily get influenced by the vibe that dominates their home. If  a household is particularly noisy, it can overstimulate a feline  member.

A Medical Issue: A cat could act aggressively with one or more felines around it due to a medical condition.

Its best to talk to a vet to ascertain the medical condition at play and decide on suitable treatment procedures.