5 Ways To Keep The Capricorn You Love Happy

1. Show off your high-brow humor. Capricorns are usually on the shyer side, so they appreciate a partner who knows how to draw them out of their shell.

Show off your high-brow humor. If there’s one thing Capricorns know about themselves, it’s that they’re experts in sarcasm and satire!

2. Favor planning time, not spontaneity. Capricorns can be control freaks sometimes, but really they’re just natural-born leaders who like to make sure everything is in order

3. Keep your extraneous spending to a minimum. Lavishing them with expensive presents that you really can’t afford will make them feel uncomfortable, not happy.

4. Stay classy. No bathroom humor here, please. Capricorns have zero patience for juvenile behavior.

Stay classy. Make your Capricorn proud to be with you by showing off your sophisticated side when you’re in public together.

5. Make success a priority. Capricorns have a super strong work ethic, and they value that quality highly in their significant others, too.

Make success a priority. While they’ll do everything they can to support your goals, they definitely won’t stick around forever