5 Types of Cat Personalities: Understand Your Cat

This is a cat that has adapted well to sharing their space with a human. They enjoy being around you, are affectionate, and are largely happy and well-adjusted.

This is the opposite of the human cat. While not a feral cat, the cantankerous cat doesn’t really like to be touched, picked up, or interacted with (short of being fed and given treats, of course).

This is the closest to being a feral cat of all the personality types. Hunter cats spend most of their time hunting, whether that means chasing mice or sneaking up on mice-like toys.

These cats are affectionate toward their fellow felines, and they choose to spend most of their time cuddling with, grooming, and playing with other cats.

These cats love to explore and spend most of their day sniffing around the house. Any visitors are immediately greeted and thoroughly inspected.

while they may or may not tolerate affection from them, they’ll definitely smell them up and down.

Inquisitive cats do well with toys, especially things like boxes, bags, and mazes.

They’re bold and confident and usually don’t do well as outdoor cats, as that confidence can get them into trouble (we all know what curiosity did to the cat, after all).

5 Types of Cat Personalities: Understand Your Cat