5 Easy Ways To Build More Trust In Yourself

1. Spend time with yourself If your schedule is so tightly packed that you don’t have any moments of quiet and solitude, then your self-trust has likely suffered.

2. Be in dialogue with yourself Journal. Sit and meditate. Lie down on your bed and just breathe for a while and see what comes up.

3. Honor and give space to your emotions Especially if you don’t consider yourself someone who is prone to self-analysis, try this on.

4. Make a physical list of things that you like about yourself "Words of affirmation" is one of the ‘love languages’ for good reason.

5. Be willing to take risks in your life One of the most potent ways that we can build more self-trust is by regularly challenging ourselves.

6. Set realistic goals Some of the most productive and successful people in human history were also experts at having balanced lives with ample leisure time.

7. Reward yourself Whether you’re rewarding yourself for one of your aforementioned goals being achieved

8. Practice regular self-care A local stand-up comedian I recently saw made the observation that “self-care is so stressful… it never ends!”