3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Luckiest In Love On November 10

1. Aries If you had your way, you'd demand that the person you are with tells you everything that you need to know about them, without fail.

Aries You need to know the truth about a person, as you feel you'll blow a gasket if you think you're in the dark

Aries This, of course, refers to the truth of what they want and expect from you.

2. Gemini You've been down that road before, where both parties lie to each other, and eventually, everything goes up in flames.

Gemini During the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius, you'll have no problem speaking up, as this really and truly means the world to you.

Gemini You have found someone who means everything to you, and you don't want to lose them.

3. Sagittarius Unfortunately, you don't know how to tell it like it is with any kind of poetic flare; you just get right down to it and blurt it out as best as you can.

Sagittarius You can't help it, but then again, your partner finds your blurty nature kind of cute.