3 zodiac signs whose worst relationships fears

1. Taurus What you will come to know on this day is everything you secretly knew already and totally wished it wasn't true.

Taurus They have lied to you, and on November 9, 2023, during the transit of Mercury sextile Pluto, that knowledge will be revealed to you in bold colors.

Taurus This is not what you want to hear, see, or feel, and yet, the truth has a way of not being anything less than the truth.

2. Virgo Mercury sextile Pluto gives you a taste of something you really didn't want to have to deal with.

Virgo In fact, they were using you to get to someone else. You had your suspicions, as this has happened to you before, but you let them slide.

Virgo You did not expect this, and while it might not be your 'biggest fear,' you certainly don't appreciate the attack.

3. Pisces Your biggest fear is the one where people find out who you really are and just how soft you can be.

Pisces They are going to tell you that they don't believe this 'kind act' and that they think you are judgmental, snobbish and elitist.