3 Zodiac Signs Could Confess Their Love

1. Gemini While you sometimes feel that the whole 'great communicator' thing isn't always applicable to you, Gemini

Gemini You feel you need to let them know, so you gather up your nerves and admit those feelings.

Gemini You feel that your love alone will do the talking because you know it's pure and good.

2. Virgo Whenever you get like this, you feel you have to act impulsively or nothing will ever get done.

Virgo While the Sun trine Moon is in the sky, you'll seize the opportunity, and you will confess your love to this person

3. Libra You're not really the kind of person who likes to make a big deal out of letting someone know that you have romantic interests in them

Libra Sun trine Moon brings you this youthful energy that can't be beaten, and so, even if you feel like you're taking a wild and wacky chance

Libra Your self-confidence will get you what you want today because the thing is, you're very charming, and you're also very sincere.