12 ways to make meditation easier

1. Set the mood You don’t need any fancy setup—or even a perfectly quiet environment—to sit in meditation.

2. Prepare your body Practicing a little slow yoga or stretching before going into meditation can help release physical tension.

3. Set an intention Take a moment to check in with yourself before you begin your meditation practice. Notice what comes up as a want or need at that time.

4. Find a comfortable seat For many of us, it’s difficult to sit in the traditional Padmasana (Lotus Pose) for an extended period of time.

5. Start in smaller time increments It is absolutely not necessary to force yourself to sit in meditation for 30 minutes or longer—especially when you’re new to it.

6. Include a mantra Chanting a mantra during meditation can be powerful because it gives your mind a job. The word “mantra” in Sanskrit means “mind tool.

7. Incorporate malas Malas, beads for prayer or meditation, allow you to take a more active approach to your practice by engaging you in the physical act of feeling each bead as you repeat your mantra.

8. Ground with crystals When I notice my mind wandering, I can bring my focus back by focusing on how it feels to hold a crystal.