12 Things Men Love About Women's Clothing

1. Anything exposing your lower back It was captivating but casually elegant. I couldn't think straight even 40 feet away when she was nearby."

2. His vintage t-shirt I actually realized I was in love with a girl just because she was standing in my bathroom wearing one of my beat-up

3. Perfectly fitting jeans This seems dull, but my partner wearing jeans on our second date was a turn-on. I'd never seen her in skirts, but jeans felt like we might be comfortable together.

4. Sweater dress My creepiness escalates around a sweater-dressed female. It seems smooth and warm with curves—I want to touch it and snuggle with her.

5. A wedding dress I thought the outfit was great, but seeing her made me realize we're doing this. She promises me eternity.

6. Fire poi I've never seen anything more alluring than fire poi. Last time we camped, one of my fire-spinning pals undressed and spun flames in ankle-deep water at daybreak.

 7. A black dress.  She looked beautiful in it, but it was simply a black t-shirt dress. Nothing was sticky or short about it.

9. One-piece swimming suit At the beach about a year later, she put on a bathing suit and seemed so calm and confident again, which made me pleased.