10 Things Attractive Women Do

1. She cares about what she looks like This is a woman that cares about what she looks like. She doesn't tumble out of bed as a fresh-faced flower.

2. She's a product junkie You don't get good skin by sitting in the sun and forgetting about it. She moisturizes. She dabs on eye cream.

3. She probably works out Tone is better than jiggle, and someone who works out is healthier than someone who isn't.

4. She's confident You don't look gorgeous if you're constantly shrinking in on yourself. When you walk, you have to work it, not hunch.

5. She uses expensive products... For long-term purchases, she goes as high-end as possible: she probably owns a very, very, very nice hairbrush and straightening iron.

6. ...but she probably uses good cheap stuff where she can She's not just scooping up crap makeup from the drugstore counter.

7. She loves her clothes Little girls love to dress up, and she probably never grew out of that. She probably has too many clothes

8. She loves her shoes Sure, she has a few classic pieces: the high black heel, the nude heels, the black kitten heel, and the red stiletto.