10 secrets the most charming women

1. Always make eye contact And not just with your partner — looking everyone you’re interacting with squarely in the eye won’t only boost your own confidence

2. Focus on dynamic attractiveness According to Psychology Today, expressing positive affect — smiling, employing an upbeat attitude

3. You’ve got a brain — use it A sharp, healthy mind can be akin to a healthy body when it comes to being sexy.

4. Humor counts Yeah, we know that razor-sharp wit isn’t something that can be learned, and we’re not all able to be truly funny all the time

5. Get your hair blown out Almost all of us can certainly attest that when our hair looks bad, we often feel bad.

6. Expose your wrists No, not because they’re attractive but because the glands in your wrists emit pheromones which can trigger feelings of attraction in others.

7. Take up yoga Researchers say it could be because yoga encourages a stronger mind-body connection.

8. Test out some sexy lingerie And while that’s true in some respects, there’s also quite a lot of very elegantly sexy underpinnings out there that are sexy without being tacky.