10 Reasons Geeky Guys Make The Best Husbands

1. Certain programs reveal his quirks. First, and I can't stress this enough, watch The Big Bang Theory if you can't comprehend your partner or find his geekiness annoying. 

2. You uncover his passions His obsession is vacuum tubes. That's right. First-computer-running devices. His vacuum tube collection overflows.

3. Enjoy your inner mind. Dating a nerdy guy would let you appreciate your brilliance and originality without expecting you be Barbie.

4. Take him outside his comfort zone to explore new things.  You're lucky because he's probably happy. You must work for friends and experiences.

5. You may start new activities together "Sports" has been a nasty word since Michael's dad disowned him for not liking football.

6. You cook experimentally Speaking about junk food, you'll probably make most of it unless he loves it. He forgets to eat.

7. You become useful around the house. Same for house repairs. After five years, I learned to fix plumbing. Manually tear into the pipes.

8. Never betrayed My favorite thing about geeks is that they never cheat. I've dated enough nerds to know they're not typically romantic.