10 Common Reasons You Often Feel Stuck In Life

1. You've repressed a lot from the past that you never dealt with.

2. You're lying to yourself to justify something that isn't right for you.

3. You don't make any decisions out of fear. So many are afraid to make new choices out of fear — fear of failure or change itself.

4. You listen to what other people want for you, instead of what you want.

5. You don't trust your instincts and ignore red flags. Always address any red flags immediately — don't let them keep building up.

6. You're not setting new goals. Setting new goals and intentions is always important. If you don't set any, how can you move forward?

7. You doubt that you can achieve what you want. Those with self-doubt can benefit by starting off with small, easier-to-achieve goals.

8. You're suffering from burnout. If you feel overwhelmed with low energy, you could be suffering from burnout.